State Agencies

Approved, Recognized Services

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Oak Hill Helps State Agencies

As a private community provider, Oak Hill helps state agencies better serve people with disabilities by providing supervised housing, supportive employment, and dayin-home, and birth to three services

Oak Hill can design an individualized program that will encourage growth, independence and quality of life for people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities (including visual impairments). 


Sylvia and her mother

DDS Home & Community Based Waivers

The Individual and Family Supports Center at Oak Hill offers assistance in the area of self-determination through the State of Connecticut's Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Home and Community Based Waivers.  To learn more, please call Stan Soby, Vice President, Oak Hill Community Programs, (860) 769-3822 or email:  

"Sylvia loves to get out into the community and be stimulated.  She enjoys the program participants, shopping and laughing and she receives this from Oak Hill.  Some programs wouldn't even let you visit unless you had an appointment.  Oak Hill told me I could visit their program anytime I wanted and were very accommodating.  I feel very happy that my daughter is here and she is doing fine."  - Maureen LaPointe, mother of Sylvia, a participant of Oak Hill Day Program, Hamden, Connecticut